Zambia is a landlocked country in the lower half of Africa with a population of just under 19 million in 2021. As of today, Zambia has 9 public universities and 54 private higher education institutes that follow the regulations of Zambia’s Higher Education Authority.  With a serious lack of available universities and a very high competition level amongst candidates for seats in these institutes, many Zambians tend to give up and not pursue higher education. However, the opportunity to study abroad for a Zambian opens up new possibilities. Here, we take a look at some of the cheapest countries to study abroad for Zambians and the benefits of each country in particular. 

Study Abroad for Zambians in the UK

While the UK is one of the richest countries in the world and hence the cost of living is also high, Zambians can find a large number of scholarships available for international students. The UK is one of the largest centres of education and more specifically, international education, in the world. With its geographical proximity to the European Union as well as strong ties to the USA, job opportunities are also another perk of studying in the UK. 

Study Abroad for Zambians in the USA

Similar to the UK, Zambians can avail themselves of many scholarships and grants to study in the United States of America. While education costs are very high in this country, students with excellent academic merit can seek out numerous scholarships for fully subsidised higher education. The USA is the top destination for international students around the world, one of the reasons for this is the excellent quality of university-level education. Two other important factors driving international students to the USA are the vast variety of courses and specialisation programs on offer as well as the fact that currently, this nation is at the cultural, political and financial centre of the entire world.

Study Abroad for Zambians within Africa

The options for higher education within Africa are sorely limited as the entire continent is going through a development phase. Many of the countries neighbouring Zambia, namely Angola, The DRC, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, have a severe strain on their own education systems. One of the benefits of pursuing an education in the nearby countries is the opportunity to find programs and degrees that are not available in Zambia itself at a relatively low cost. 

There are some exceptions to this, however, as countries like Kenya and South Africa have relatively more mature higher education systems. However, costs and admission competition might be too high, so it is not always possible for Zambians to get seats within these countries. 

Study Abroad for Zambians in India

India achieves a happy middle ground for Zambian students seeking education abroad; the country has relatively low costs of education and living while also having quite a high standard of education. India has a huge collection of universities, colleges and institutes to be able to handle its own needs. As a consequence, there is enough availability of programs and seats to set some aside as a quota for international students. With a wide range of programs, scholarships, deep and colourful culture and a multitude of post-education opportunities, India is one of the best destinations for Zambian students.

One of the best universities in this country is Sharda University in Greater Noida. This university is close to the capital of India (New Delhi) and has a large campus with many student facilities. For those looking for a good quality of higher education from Zambia, Sharda University has some of the best faculties across a variety of disciplines. 

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